Doge Cup


Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a new blockchain infrastructure with a complete environment for developing high-performance decentralized applications (dApps). It was developed to deliver cross-chain compatibility with the Binance Chain, thus bringing users the possibility of using the best of both worlds together.
BSC is a blockchain that has Smart Contracts functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
Its main goal is to introduce Smart Contracts into its ecosystem, but without hindering high performance and its integration with the Binance Chain.
When it comes to infrastructure configuration, BSC is independent, meaning it can run even if Binance Chain is offline, remembering that BSC is not a layer two or off-chain scalability solution, but its structural design offers significant advantages to its users.
Let's look at some advantages:
  • BSC is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, this makes it easy for projects developed in Ethereum to migrate to it;
  • Broad support for tools and dAPP's (Decentralized Applications);
  • Easier to set up wallets and to accommodate tokens developed in the BEP-20 standard;
  • Lower fee per transaction in relation to most other blockchains where dAPPs can be developed;
  • More speed in asset transfer operations, avoiding delays caused by the flow of negotiations between wallets.
For these and other advantages, Doge Cup was developed, so that, in a way, your operations are made in the Binance Smart Chain, using the BEP-20 standard as protocol, to provide security, agility, transparency, liquidity and a great cost-benefit, regarding the fees per operation.