Doge Cup


What is DAO?

DAO represents an organization in which control over all its activities, budgets, and investments occurs in a decentralized manner, that is, without the presence of the traditional hierarchical systems we are used to seeing within companies. This way, everyone who works inside a DAO can suggest actions and give their opinion about the suggestions made by other members, making its functioning 100% democratic and without the need for a centralizing base - or a chief.

How will the Doge Cup DAO work?

DOGECUP holders will have governance rights over the platform and also the right to manage the treasury of the DOGECUP platform and determine the future direction of the money accumulated in the DAO. Voting power within DAO (1 month lock) Unlock exlusive Patent to be eligible to participate in UL Auction(2 month lock) Draw without Fees with less time compared to non DAO. (3 month lock) Exclusive advantages in future developments (3 month lock) Direction on what to do with money accumulated in DAO (3 month lock).

What is the mission of the Doge Cup?

The mission is to create a great economy in the virtual world by optimizing your DOGE CUP assets for maximum profitability and sharing your profits for the prosperity of everyone in real life.

What is the Doge Cup Bet?

The Doge Cup will also have a system of betting on the Cup matches, players will be able to bet on the outcome of the matches and on which team they think will win

What is the Staking Doge Cup?

The Stake DOGE CUP is a yield optimizer focused on providing project users with the best possible yield in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Users can stake their $DOGECUP and promote liquidity to the Liquidity Pool (LP) in the $DOGE VAULT smart contract for rewards.

How does the farm mode work?

FARM Mode will initially happen as follows: You will mine your BOX and get a random rarity nft. But if you complete a team of the same rarity but of a different class, you will get a BONUS percentage for completing this small team.

What is LOI?

The LOI means the loss of income that the player should earn in the day, ie, if the player has an income of 2% a day, if he does not request the claim in the given time he will stay with this negative income in his account, ie, lose 2%.

How many rarities are there in the Doge Cup NFTs?

The NFT's are divided into 4 rarities, where each rarity has 2 players from different positions, attack (ATK) and defense (DEF).

What does the technician do?

The technician's job is to make the players' lives easier, so there is no need for players to worry about claim time. With the technician activated there is no chance of LOI.

What is the total token fee?

Initially the buying and selling rates will be 5% and 12%, respectively. Seven days after the launch the rates equalize, both at 5%.

Where can I get more information about the project?

You can get more information by visiting our website or our group on telegram​