Doge Cup

DAO Governance

DAO represents an organization in which control over all its activities, budgets, and investments occurs in a decentralized manner.
DogeCUP believes that DAO governance should not only be limited to the functions and settings of the ecosystem tools, but should also give users the right to manage the assets of the platform.
The daoDCUP holders have governance rights over the platform and will have the right to manage the platform's treasury. This means that they will be able to determine the future direction of the platform.


The daoDCUP tokens are governance and voting tokens that are obtained by blocking DCUP tokens in the DCUP ecosystem, namely:
  • Deposit DCUP tokens in the staking pools;
  • Buy NFT;
  • Use the Bet DCUP system;
  • Deposit DCUP in the daoDCUP block pool. In this case there is a one-time incidence of a 1% fee and a minimum lockout period of tokens in 1 month for withdrawal.
The daoDCUP governance tokens are issued in any of the above cases.

Utility of tokens daoDCUP

The daoDCUP tokens entitle you to:
  • Governance and voting in the DAO;
  • Rewards from treasury fund shares, i.e. every positive generation from the treasury will be reverted to the governance power holders to ensure that they grow along with DogeCUP.


Most of the profits from DogeCUP's platform will go to the treasury fund. The funds come from:
  • NFT sales;
  • Bet DogeCUP.
The funds are made up of DCUP tokens and eventually BUSD and BNB. Users use the DCUP tokens they own to conduct governance voting to determine how the DAO treasury funds are used and distributed.
This way, everyone who has tokens (also understood as DogeCUP shares) can suggest actions and give their opinion about the suggestions made by other members, making its operation 100% democratic and without the need for a centralizing base, all this using decentralized mechanisms.
The minimum $DOGECUP to participate in the DogeCUP DAO voting and polls will be 10,000 DOGE Tokens.