Doge Cup

Staking Pool

The Stake DOGE CUP is a yield optimizer focused on providing project users with the best possible yield in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Users can stake their $DCP and promote liquidity to the Liquidity Pool (LP) in the $DCP VAULT smart contract for rewards.


All earnings will be proportional to the amount placed in the STAKE. During the staking period, you will not be able to use your $DCP. If you cancel the staking, you will be charged a fee on the stake amount. Participants can use any or all of the Stake options if they prefer. Participants will receive their accumulated stakes and prizes at the end of their staking time, the pool will freeze, forcing you to collect your stakes or make a new lock.
There is no minimum or maximum allocation value

Income (monthly values)

  • 1 month lock: 25% per month;
  • 3 months lock: 40% per month;
  • 6 months lock: 55% per month.

Cancellation Fee

If the investor wants to unlock his tokens before the time of the given allocation, a fee will be charged:
  • 1 month lock: - 15%;
  • 3 months lock: - 30%;
  • 6 months lock: - 45%.

Withdrawal fee

Investors will be able to claim the tokens received from the stake starting on the seventh day, this withdrawal will go directly to the wallet. Depending on the day of withdrawal the investor may or may not pay a fee.
  • 7 days: - 10% fee;
  • 15 days: - 5% fee;
  • 30 days: free.
All Stake cancellation fees or withdrawal fees will be burned.