Doge Cup


FARM Mode will initially happen as follows: You will mine your BOX and get a random rarity nft. But if you complete a team of the same rarity but of a different class, you will get a BONUS percentage for completing this small team.
Your farm will start counting after the opening of your BOX and your earnings will be available to claim after 24 hours. The claim button will be available for 1 hour, if the player does not claim his income it will become LOI.
Example: The player opened his BOX at 9pm UTC, 9pm UTC at 10pm UTC a CLAIM button will be available for the player to collect.


If the player does not perform this collection, the investment that would be positive on the day will become negative and will be called LOI.
The LOI means the loss of income that the player should earn in the day, ie, if the player has an income of 2% a day, if he does not request the claim in the given time he will stay with this negative income in his account, ie, lose 2%.


Any NFT rarity will give a maximum ROI of 200% on top of the investment, after that it will no longer generate income and will require repairing the boot, this repair will cost the same amount of tokens you spent to open the BOX, i.e. 2500 tokens. The player can decide between repairing his NFT or buying a new box.